What is Satodi?

Satodi is a utility program that allows you to slog on any website and read slogs that other people have slogged.
Bring your own opinion to the Internet and we can change the world together!

Who are sloggers?

If you create a blog, you are a blogger. If you have a personal video channel, you are a vlogger. "Sloggers" is a term for people who post slogs. So if you post slogs on websites, then you are a slogger. Typically, a slog is 250 symbols in length.



  • post comments
    "They were slogging on news websites"
  • hit (someone or something) forcefully and typically wildly.
"Slogging about Panama Papers raise questions over past TV deals of new Fifa boss"

  • position, opinion, or comment about any webpage or website.
    "Take a look at my slog about that celebrity new look"
  • a forceful hit of website, person, event or thing.
"Apple receive a huge slog from poeple all over the world about their new iTunes software"

How does it work?

First, install the browser extension to see if the website or webpage you are viewing has slogs. If it doesn’t you can add your first slog; otherwise you can also read other people’s slogs and then add your own after.

The goal is to ensure your slogs are "over" the websites. Website owners have no power to delete or modify your slogs. They cannot block or ban your slogs like they would if you used the comment option on their websites.

What about websites or webpages that do not have a comment option?

Magic! It doesn't matter. With Satodi, you can slog them all. You can even slog on password-protected social network accounts.
Use your imagination!

What's the concept?

When using social networks you always read what your friends like. Like a television you cannot sort, dislike, delete, or ignore the content. You can only turn it off. With Satodi you can visit your favorite websites and slog if you want with only the information you choose to share. Or you can simply choose to read what other people think.

Can I slog a webpage or website if there are already built-in comments?

Sure you can. Keep in mind that with Satodi not even a website owner, webmaster, or moderator can delete or rewrite your slogs, ever.

Is it legal?

It is absolutely legal in most countries. But remember to check your local laws. Do not slog in countries where there is no freedom of speech.

Is it free for me?

Slogging is absolutely free for everyone. Express your opinion! Express your opinion! We will never charge you a cent.

Why should I register?

Unregistered users are in read-only mode. They cannot slog. Registered users have personal accounts.

Would you delete my slogs or ban my account?

Satodi is a private company. We appreciate your opinion and we will never delete any data or ban any account. With that being said, please do not use Satodi to engage in illegal activities or promote dangerous and illegal acts. You can view the Satodi policy statement for more information.

Why you need Satodi?

Bored with having tons of accounts? Don't want to register on every website to post comments?

Then try the Satodi web browser extension. You can login using your Facebook or Google+ account, or you can create one account to slog on every website or webpage you can find.

Become a slogger and we can change the world together!
Has an angry moderator deleted your comment? Or perhaps banned your account? Tired of reading comments that are full of plain lies?

Try Satodi. Even site owners and moderators cannot delete or edit your slogs. They cannot ban you anymore.

Let people read real comments!

Are you ready to change the Internet?

It will never be the same. Click the button and start your new life.

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