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1 RaKaMikR0F0N
HitBTC withdrawal problem (ticket#268596)
2 RaKaMikR0F0N
Can't transfer money from Trading account to Main account. "Currency operations not available". The same thing after I create withdraw and confirm the withdrawal using email - "Currency operations not available".
3 RaKaMikR0F0N
ystem health page on HitBTC say there is no problem with BTC. Support not answer. I've found the same problem and think this is a regular thing for HitBTC.
4 RaKaMikR0F0N
So DO NOT DEPOSIT to HitBTC your money.
5 RaKaMikR0F0N
I've received email from support, They ask to provide them my photo and documents. All the files was sent.
6 RaKaMikR0F0N
Still waiting form HitBTC support
7 RaKaMikR0F0N
I created account about 3 month ago. Yesterday I deposit it for about 20 btc. Then Buy and Sell several times and try to withdraw. I withdraw about 10 btc and then the "Currency operations not available" appear.
8 RaKaMikR0F0N
I try to search why this happens and have found a LOT of problems about it. So I create the ticket.
9 RaKaMikR0F0N
They ask for my documents, but still to answer and I can't withdraw it. There was no information that I can't withdraw or that I have to be verified (If so, I'll verify the account first).
10 RaKaMikR0F0N
Making the things this way they show us that they don't need our money. I lose about 3% daily, and if the rate will be lower next days I'll lose much more.
11 RaKaMikR0F0N
Also you even will not be able to trade because this "Currency operations not available" doesnt allow you to transfer your money between your wallets. So you can't use the to buy and sell.
12 RaKaMikR0F0N
HItBTC отзыв. Кидалы.

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