What encoding should I use on my website to let Satodi Bot correctly grab my website title?

- You should use UTF-8 - the dominant international encoding of the web.

How I should arrange materials on my website?

- It would be great to see something like site.com/article/123.html, not site.com/?article=123?from_main.page&some_info_here. That's because Satodi put the URL to the database and next time you visit this page it will show you slogs. Think Satodi is like a bookmark utility. Try to bookmark your page and open it some time later. If everything is ok and your browser shows the correct information - in most cases Satodi will show it correct too.

Why I should add my e-mail address after VK.com, Facebook or Google+ authorization?

If your social account has e-mail address Satodi will never ask it again. But in some cases there are only mobile number, not e-mail. In this case we need to have your e-mail, because Satodi works this way. But remember that you can slog even you don't want to add and verify your e-mail, but you can't log in into your Satodi account.

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